Friday, 9 July 2010

Jack Bishop

What is your name? How old are you?
My name is Jack Bishop I am 24

What value do you think your art offers art?
I dont think my art has offered any value to art yet. I could do with it addding some value to my bank balance. I might fuck off my work and go flog seascapes to fools.

If you were a shape which would you be?
I'd be poo shaped. A different surprise shape everyday.

If you could speak any language which would you choose?
I'd like to be able to count from 1-10 in every language for a global shit chat up line.

Can you quickly list five words that rhyme with act?

Do you consider yourself to be an honest person?
Im honest in how i act but stories are stories.

Would you prefer to be loved or hated because of the art you produce?
I dont like the idea of being hated. But id prefer the art to be loved than myself.

Tell me something you like?
I like rubbish jokes

Where do you work?
I work best in a pub

Ask yourself a question and answer it

Shag, Marry kill?

Peggy Mitchell, Dot Cotton, Pat Butcher?

er.. I'd probably shag Peggy, you couldn't live with that. Then I'd probably have to marry Pat great drinks cupboard and earings to borrow. Which would have to mean killing Dot, which seems unfair but she'd go see Ethel and shes got god and that.

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