Monday, 2 August 2010

Andrew Celso

What is your name? How old are you?
im andrew celso im 35

What value do you think your art offers art?
my art offers incredible funk

If you were a shape which would you be?
if i was shape id be flexible and could form most shapes known to man like water a shape shifter

Can you quickly list five words that rhyme with paint?
paint taint late freight mate

Do you consider yourself to be an honest person?
honest as fuck

Would you prefer to be loved or hated because of the art you produce?
i would like to have a massive love art orgy

Tell me something you like?
i like the band 100% beefcock so much the best!!!! great to paint to

Where do you work?
i work in my council flat

Ask yourself a question and answer it.
what do you think of beer? i fucking love it !!!!!!

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