Monday, 2 May 2011

Sarah Graham

What is your name? How old are you?

Sarah Graham.

I keep forgetting so I guess that shows I’m getting older.

What value do you think your art offers art?

I hope it shows that painting is still relevant, and doesn’t have to take itself too seriously.

If you could speak any language which would you choose?

Sign language

Can you quickly list five words that rhyme with glow?

Fro, throw, grow, pro, know

Do you consider yourself to be an honest person?

I try to be.

Would you prefer to be loved or hated because of the art you produce?

I’m not trying to provoke people, just make work for others to enjoy…

I guess that puts me in the ‘loved’ camp.

Tell me something you like?


Where do you work?

In my studio

Ask yourself a question and answer it.

Q). When will you stop being so hard on yourself?

A). As long as I’m painting, probably never.

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