Monday, 9 May 2011

Christopher Howell

What is your name? How old are you?

Christopher or Chris. 27 and 3/4.

What value do you think your art offers art?

so that people can see that there is something to see other than everything else.

If you were a shape which would you be?

a darkone. so no one could see me.

If you could speak any language which would you choose?

chinese because everyone is fast and means they can laugh more.

Can you quickly list five words that rhyme with Bart?

you're silly

Do you consider yourself to be an honest person?

yes. i do. if a man is not honest in time, he has no honest friends in his time.

Would you prefer to be loved or hated because of the art you produce?

I would prefer to be loved because thats good. but if people choose to hate me because i made a picture of something that doesn't really mean anything to them, then they should probably have a rest or watch its a wonderful life.

Tell me something you like?

i like being on my own and looking in the sky and drawing.

Where do you work?

in my house and in my garden.

Ask yourself a question and answer it.

Are you ok?

to be honest not really.

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