Thursday, 21 October 2010


What is your name? How old are you?
I think I'm a grown up now.

What value do you think your art offers art?
It looks easy.

If you were a shape which would you be?
Wobbly line.

If you could speak any language which would you choose?
Drawing fluently as a language.

Can you quickly list five words that rhyme with spray?
Pray, Grey, Frey, Bray, Prey.

Do you consider yourself to be an honest person?
Stop that.

Would you prefer to be loved or hated because of the art you produce?
I try to provoke a few different responses at the same time but always with love.

Tell me something you like?
When people tell me what my art means to them.
I like Yellow.

Where do you work?
Wherever people look.

Ask yourself a question and answer it.
-Whats that on your hands?

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